Six years ago, Robert Aish embarked on an ambitious project to create a new programming language written from the ground up for architects, designers, and structural engineers. In the subsequent years, the DesignScript team developed numerous innovative technologies, a concise scripting language, and advanced replication features.


DesignScript is now a part of Dynamo version 7.0 and later, available as both a textual language and visual nodes. This integration allows DesignScript to drive Revit projects or run standalone in a manner similar to DesignScript Studio.


With integration complete, there will be no new versions of DesignScript. Please direct your questions to the Dynamo forum:, where we will be more than happy to help you upgrade your DesignScript scripts to Dynamo definitions.


We would like to thank the visionary efforts of the DesignScript team for providing Dynamo, and the computational BIM community, such a robust and innovative foundation language.