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Love is in the … Dynamo?

"I think engagements are an opportunity to be really creative." -My fiancee So you've found the love of your life, and you're ready to pop the question, what now? Well, if they have issued the challenge above, then you better get creating! My girlfriend posed this challenge almost a year ago, and I'm happy to say, that with the help of Dynamo

Ten Commandments for Teaching Dynamo by a Former “Evangelist”

I taught a lot of Dynamo workshops when I was the "technical evangelist" for the Dynamo team. I've learned a lot about how to teach over the years by making mistakes, getting it right sometimes, and picking up ideas from other teachers more gifted or experienced than I am. If I ever had the opportunity to share Dynamo knowledge with you, Dear Reade

Resuming pre-release builds

Dear Early Adopters, We have resumed posting pre-release builds of Dynamo on and on the pages. These are the early stage builds that are leading to the Dynamo 2.0 release. Please keep in mind that it is early days for these builds, there are still a number of large moving pieces and, as always, this area sho

A Dynamo Christmas (Bring a Gift, Get a Gift)

More details to follow on ------ Join us for a Dynamo Christmas.  What is a Dynamo Christmas?  Great question. Each person will get a few minutes to share about something they are bringing to the group.  Need ideas?  Think of something simple.  One aspect, like working with Color.  Explore it, put together a few n

PDUG and WIA Joint Event

For the month of December, we are teaming up with Philadelphia's Women In Architecture group to host a great set of speakers at the Center for Architecture. Come enjoy a happy hour, dinner, and Dynamo. For more details, check out the event description on our website. Register to attend here.

Dynamo introduction to graduate students

Orval Tien (Autodesk Taiwan Ltd.) will introduce how to research and develop by dynamo for graduate students of Civil & construction. Training material is in

China University of Technology Dynamo Workshop – Beginner & Advanced (Day 5)

China University of Technology Dynamo  Workshop – Beginner & Advanced (Day 5) 中國科技大學 Dynamo 研討會-基礎與進階 (第五天) Speaker: Layton Lo Description: Architectural design and practice with Dynamo visual programming. We’ll use Dynamo to drive a Revit document and inter-operate with other applications, data so

UK Dynamo usergroup – South: Festive social drinks.

South: Festive Social Drinks The UK Dynamo South Committee are very pleased to be able to announce a festive social event in December. A short summary and review of the year passed, a look to the future followed by ample oppertunity for discussion with members of the community. Date & time The event is scheduled for Wednesday 6th December.