Happy summer! With the new season, new toys and power-tools for your Dynamo-ing pleasure.  Major improvements with our graphics system allow for more utilization of hardware acceleration, and the introduction of COLOR to the Dynamo interface.  To add a little more sparkle and organization to your graphs, we have also added grouping capabilities.  In the more “down to business” areas, we have made interop with Excel much more robust, with improvements to handling of null  values, ragged lists, and empty cells, as well as more control over how files are written and over-written. Search and browse improvements are huge with in-canvas search and better search term matching.  This and much more:

New Graphics pipeline

– Modernized geometry visualization capabilities to take more advantage of graphics hardware. – Color: Dynamo now can represent colored geometry.  Check out the Display.ByGeometryColor capabilities.

– See http://dynamoprimer.com/04_The-Building-Blocks-of-Programs/4-5_color.html

– Known issues for graphics hardware https://github.com/DynamoDS/Dynamo/wiki/Known-Issues

– More improvements coming in 0.8.2, with smooth surface coloration

– Try Display.ByGeometryColor with Adam Sheather’s “UI++” Color UI color picker, available on the package manager while we get out act together with more UI widgets

Graph Management

– Add Groups to your graph organization from the right click menu

– See http://dynamoprimer.com/03_Anatomy-of-a-Dynamo-Definition/3-4_best_practices.html


– Improved handling of Excel.Read, including more robust management of null values and ragged lists

– Excel.Read now has a ReadFromFileAsString toggle, to preserve text imputs if desired

– Excel.Write now has the option to completely overwrite data in a sheet, or only the affected cells – Excel.Write ignores popup messages


– List.Transpose now keeps indices of lists consistent

– List.Clean removes null and empty lists from a given list, with or without preserving indices

– IF nodes will now lace over test input. Example, list with inputs {true, false, true}, {1,2,3}, {a,b,c} will result in {1,b,3}.  Previously, result would be {{1,2,3},{a,b,c},{1,2,3}}.  See submission https://github.com/DynamoDS/Dynamo/pull/4464


– Dynamo for Revit is now localized to 12 languages based on the Operating System locale.


– FamilyInstance.SetRotation node


– Control the preview state of multiple nodes at once in right-click menu

– Node port tooltips now show default inputs

– In canvas search available via Shift-DoubleClick and Right-Click in the context menu.

– Drag and drop nodes from the browser – ExportToSAT now has units control

– Backup files are now created to recover lost work.  Backup folder location available in the Start page

– What’s new Gallery:  that’s right, we have a new feature to tell you what the new features are!

Known Issues – Current list of [known issues](https://github.com/DynamoDS/Dynamo/wiki/Known-Issues)